March 24, 2017

The 10 most valuable Australian brands for 2017

02 February 2017, 12:38 | Felicia Christensen

Silicon Valley companies hold a number of Brand Finance rankings. Getty Images

Silicon Valley companies hold a number of Brand Finance rankings

The new-world Silicon Valley technology titans rule the top 10 global most valuable brands list, while Australia's traditional companies, such as telcos, banks, miners and the grocery duopoly, dominate the Australian scene.

On the Brand Finance's Global 500 list, Apple gave up its five-year reign to 2016 runner-up, Google, this year.

Google moved up a notch to second place, with a value of Dollars 94 billion, up 27 percent from a year earlier, while Samsung dropped to third place, with a value still up 2 percent to USD 83 billion.

"Its brand has lost its luster and must now compete on an increasingly level playing field not just with traditional rival Samsung, but with a slew of Chinese brands such as Huawei and OnePlus in the smartphone market, Apple's key source of profitability".

Google's brand value, on the other hand, went up by 24% over the previous year taking their brand value to a staggering $109.5bn.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the kingdom's biggest telecoms operator, is the most valuable brand in the Middle East, and Emirates is the most valuable brand in the UAE, according to Brand Finance's Global 500 report.

Telstra also ranked 125th in Brand Finance's Global 500 list.

"The firm is growing strongly as it continues to both reshape the retail market and to capture an ever larger share of it", said the Brand Finance report.

Brand Finance said of Google: "The company remains largely unchallenged in its core search business, the mainstay of its advertising income". Brand power determines the proportion of overall business revenue that is contributed by a brand.

They said Apple has failed to maintain its technological advantage while repeatedly disillusioning its advocates with tweaks rather than innovation in the form of material changes.

"Put simply, Apple has over-exploited the goodwill of its customers, it has failed to generate significant revenues from newer products such as the Apple Watch and can not demonstrate that genuinely innovative technologies are in the pipeline", Brand Finance wrote in its report. "Gradually goodwill towards American brands has been eroded", he said.

The Commonwealth and Qantas, ranked 13th at $US2.022 billion for value, remain Australia's most powerful brands with brand ratings of AAA-.

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